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Donor egg success rates and survival guarantee with OvobankID

Donor egg success rates

If you are reading this article, then you are probably trying to come to a decision about whether to opt for fresh or frozen  donor eggs to use in your egg donation treatment. Here, we aim to equip you with more information about using frozen eggs in your deIVF, and give you assurance that this fragile human reproductive cell can survive the freeze/thaw cycle extremely well, retaining all its functional and reproductive ability.


The decision of how and where to obtain your donor eggs is a very important and personal decision. Whether you choose a fresh donor cycle, or to use frozen donor eggs from an egg bank. There are advantages to both of these and we highlight the benefits of using vitrified eggs in this article: The advantages of using frozen eggs in egg donation treatments.

After making this important decision, you can then start to look for your donor, and if you have decided to use frozen donor eggs, choose your egg bank.

OvobankID is an international egg bank, with our headquarters based in Marbella, Spain, within the facilities of the fertility clinic, Ovoclinic. Our team of doctors, embryologists and cryobiology specialists have over 20 years of experience in assisted reproduction, and are experts in egg freezing and preservation.

We supply over 350 clinics worldwide with the vitrified eggs they need for their donor egg IVF treatments. When we work with an assisted reproduction clinic we don’t just ship our donor eggs, we also offer continued support and training, to help them get the very best results for their patients – the intended parents looking to bring home a baby.


Success rates from treatments using frozen eggs from Ovobank, and following Ovobank protocols have given rates greater than the average, and the numbers speak for themselves:

  • 81% positive beta-hCG from fresh embryo transfers
  • 79% positive beta-hCG from frozen embryo transfers
  • 74% of fresh embryo transfers resulting in pregnancy
  • 61% pregnancy rate from frozen embryo transfers

At OvobankID, our donors are subjected to thorough medical, psychological, gynecological testing and genetic screening to ensure their good health and the quality of their eggs. They then undergo a personalized ovarian stimulation, tailored to their needs while looking after them at every step. At egg retrieval, the eggs are extracted and then mature eggs in the required developmental stage are frozen, using vitrification, and stored in liquid nitrogen at -196°C until they are required. After generously donating their eggs, donors receive a check up to ensure their continued good health.

As the screening, donor stimulation and egg freezing steps have already been carried out, we are able to have lots, or batches, of frozen eggs in storage, ready to be selected by the intended parent(s) or clinic. In fact, we have hundreds of batches of vitrified eggs, from hundreds of diverse donors, so you can find your match with no waiting list.


When your donor eggs arrive at your fertility center, they will be transferred into the clinic’s storage tanks, which your clinic will (should) do without ever breaking the cold chain. They will be stored there until the day for the IVF fertilization arrives. We have lots of information about thawing protocols, available for all collaborating centers, to increase the survival rates of these precious reproductive cells during the thawing process. Indeed, we regularly see survival rates of over 95%. We are confident of the quality and survival rates of our donor eggs and offer the following oocyte survival guarantee:

  • Mini batch (3 eggs). If there is a survival rate of less than 50%, we will send a free mini batch.
  • Batch (6 eggs). If less than 50% of the cells survive the thaw, we will send a free mini batch or a Batch at half price.

If you are interested in finding out more, or would like to talk it over with one of our friendly coordinators, then you can email us on or contact us via our website: We look forward to helping you on your family building journey 😊.