Ovobank ID presents the innovative platform for donor selection at the ASRM Congress


Part of our team of professionals attended ASRM Scientific Congress & Expo 2022 (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) in Anaheim, California (USA), one of the most international prestigious meetings on reproductive medicine.

Ovobank ID is one of the most competitive egg banks in the world. During the event held in Anaheim, we had the opportunity to present their large pool of donors and the technology for sending the batch of eggs. Ovobank ID was born with the proposal to help clinics around the world with the success of their patients’ treatments. Egg donation is one of the most demanded reproductive processes in recent years and thanks to donors and a platform such as Ovobank ID, clinics can request eggs according to the patient’s characteristics.

Fertility Clinics and patients can select their ideal donor in one click đź’»

Our platform has the largest pool of donors of all ethnicities, nationalities and phenotypes. Our high treatment success rates are based on our strict donor selection and rigorous vitrification and thawing protocols.

In addition, Ovobank ID has the latest technological developments from its R&D team: Ovotracker, Ovolabel, and Ovoscan. Thanks to these tools, the oocytes can travel safely and are sorted through a special medical system, which allows a safe transfer. This process allows for trouble-free batch identification without compromising temperature conditions.

Ovobank ID uses special shipping containers protected inside, designed to avoid any minimal damage during transport. Shipping is extremely fast, and your oocytes can arrive at your clinic within 24 hours if necessary.

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